Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

We know: winter can be hard on the body. The cold can tighten your muscles, change brain chemistry, make your joints ache. We hope our Winter 2019 issue does some of the same.

Here you’ll find works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art that often ground themselves in the body: readers will encounter hair and bones and blood, birdweight grandmothers, things to slip beneath the tongue, legs pumping bike petals, the smell of rotting flesh. Even when the work included here doesn’t focus on the body, and rather finds itself concerned with foolishness and mistakes, or with growth and tenderness, we hope that those things speak to you at your core, somewhere between your artistic sensibilities and emotive pulse, at the intersection of head and heart where we call ourselves human.

We hope this issue, much like winter itself, will be felt physically. We want to give you goosebumps and make you shiver, but most of all we want to offer something that feels like coming in from the cold.


Daniel Altenburg and Gina Warren
Co Editors-in-Chief


“Stretching Toward the Sun” by Bill Wolak