“Goshen, Indiana” by Hunter Boone

My mother and I eat Amish pie
at a place on Oak and 6th.
We smoosh together with our forks
pale red sugary rhubarb
with strawberries.
No one watches the clock
no one will care if we are home late.
Forks filled with pie
float up past our throats
to open mouths and lips while
we stare out the restaurant picture window
into streets dotted with black buggies
parked curbside.
Hours later we are still staring at the small boys
in black wide-brimmed hats
tying up the horses.
No one wants to go home yet
in time the boys must go home,
the black buggies will vanish.
My mother and I
eating Amish pie
will grow fat and old together
then disappear.



Hunter was published in Sappho Magazine under the pen name of J. Hunter O’Shea. He has studied with Stuart Dybek, Eve Shelnutt, Herb Scott, John Woods, and Jaimy Gordon. He completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at Western Michigan University (WMU), studying poetry and fiction, and obtained his bachelor’s degree in creative writing at WMU, focusing on poetry. He works as a private investigator and attorney. He also enjoys playing the drums and producing music.


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