“War Field” by Joshua Young















Joshua Young is the author of six collections, most recently, Psalms for the Wreckage (Plays Inverse, 2017) and the chapbook, Weekends of Sound: 764-Hero Mixtape (Madhouse Press, 2020). His novella, Little Galaxies, is forthcoming from Los Galesburg Press in 2020. Joshua lives just outside Seattle and you can find him online at joshuabrianyoung.com.


“Can Can Dancers” by Edward Supranowicz

“Not Barcelona” by Jill Bronfman

Gaudí tapped me on the shoulder in the nearly-finished Casa Batlló and asked me if I liked the center atrium. Having been raised in a farmer’s stucco house, I thought I’d say it was beautiful. Artists always seek beauty, right? Before I could remember how to say beautiful in Catalan, he started up again about the blue tile and was it the blue of the ocean or of the sky. And that’s when I knew he meant to find truth, and that beauty was just a house that he saw from the train that went by too fast to see. Continue reading ““Not Barcelona” by Jill Bronfman”