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  • Featured Art: Edward Supranowicz

    Featured Art: Edward Supranowicz

  • Featured Art: Brett Stout

    Featured Art: Brett Stout

  • “Familiar” by Jill Bronfman

    “Familiar” by Jill Bronfman

    Enter La Basílica de la Sagrada Família Past the glories of art and color and light There is a tower It is dark inside, and the path is difficult

  • “The Morning After” by K. M. Huber

    “The Morning After” by K. M. Huber

    A hummingbird quivers near the open window— a brown violetear, Colibri delphinae, flashes glimpses of its emerald throat, dips into flowers—buries itself in a trembling bloom while I answer the phone.

  • “One Art” by GTimothy Gordon

    “One Art” by GTimothy Gordon

    … something beyond themselves, beyond words. -Celan-   There’s a scent that can’t be defined like breathless painting, music, dance unplowed yet into sentient fields,    graphic grey-mists hovering water,   that won’t be read or turned to tongue

  • “Not Barcelona” by Jill Bronfman

    “Not Barcelona” by Jill Bronfman

    Gaudí tapped me on the shoulder in the nearly-finished Casa Batlló and asked me if I liked the center atrium. Having been raised in a farmer’s stucco house, I thought I’d say it was beautiful. Artists always seek beauty, right? Before I could remember how to say beautiful in Catalan, he started up again about…

  • “Flare Stack Eden” by Katherine Hoerth

    “Flare Stack Eden” by Katherine Hoerth

    You can smell it like a snake, from miles away— this Eden made of benzene, naphthalene and gasoline. The smokestack garden never rests; it works through day and night like any forest does. It turns the blood of earth into the fuel that makes it sing this dusk chorus of whistles, bells, and whooshing flame.

  • “Home” by Samantha Malay

    “Home” by Samantha Malay

    when we no longer live in our bodies do we inhabit the spaces between voices cupped in bedspread folds hands around a match winter kitchen cookbook stains unmarked keys missing teeth tufts of feather and bone?

  • “Fugitives” by Bruce Robinson

    “Fugitives” by Bruce Robinson

    Absconded, in the dead of the heat just two nights ago, enamored of darkness, two unremarkable syllables, neither one a word or capable of turning a word

  • Featured Art: Michelle Brooks

    Featured Art: Michelle Brooks