Archive – Winter Issue 2020

From the Editors

A letter from the Editors,
Kym Cunningham
Couri Johnson


White Envelopes by Henry Hietala
icky & Marbella by Meara Sharma
Autumn Jo’s Honeycomb by Jessica Evans
The Glass Pitch by Ed Davis


The Demon Star: A Locket for Algol by Elias Baez
The Ration in Carolina, Puerto Rico by Dorsía Smith Silva
What Is a Magpie? by Matthew James Babcock
Soak by Rhienna Renèe Guedry 


The Book of Invasions by Audrey T. Carroll
Crüe Cut by Renée K. Nicholson
Ghost Story by Janine DeBlaise


Visual Art

Visual Arts Gallery

Aloe Vera by Jonathan Brooks | Forensic Evidence by William Crawford | Secret Places VI by Michele Johnsen | Trolley Graveyard by Michael Hower | How We Love – By Taking Another Name by Despy Boutris | Silent Planet by Carl McLaughlin | Borne of Pandemic – 42 by Paul Koskinen | Rouge by Renée Cohen | Bergamo Vistas, Cuatro by Veronica Scharf Garcia | Waterstars by Carolyn Adams