My Last Rodeo by John Blake Oldenborg


near the university

sanctioned horse


festival they learn

how to roam on


retractable leashes how

to pirouette mobius


strips in tomorrow’s

torn up turf these


no ordinary specimens

not from fetus


jars packed hundred

fold into roaring engines


the piebalds graze and you

can’t know instant coloration


you impersonate young vultures

ready to drop upon me


fellow field grazer dancing

in my brand-new ostrich skin

John Blake Oldenborg (he/him) calls Tallahassee home but currently attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he is earning an MFA in poetry. Some of his poems are forthcoming in Misery Tourism, New Note Poetry, Rat World Magazine, Bullshit Lit, and appear elsewhere online. Twitter: @LMFAOldenborg  Email: [email protected]