spring 2024 issue: sweat





3 Poems by Alice Letowt

from dark room by Cameron Lovejoy

3 Poems by Ann Huang

W O R K by Angelo Ligori

A Pair of Opening Scissors by Dmitry Blizniuk (translated by Sergey Gerasimov)

from JOY BUZZER by Henry Goldkamp

from Make by Ben Miller

4 SWEAT nDada pieces by Whiskey Radish

from See-Saws by Richard Kostelanetz

Ash and Sweat by Giulio R. M. Maffii







creative nonfiction

Dream Withdrawal by Chris Falite

The Day Shift by Jeremy Tavares

Night of Sound and Light by Claire Christine Sargenti







Quit This Town (Ezekiel, Mississippi) by Mike Itaya

The Frogs by Eleanor Levine

Cave by Matt Gulley















6/23/81 Tues
We have lolled away
the middle of the day here.
Rain clouds looked like
they were going from
Marble by way of Aspen
to Vail –– anyway the sun
was lovely + I enjoyed
the smelly hot pools + the
cool one! Last night was
Rangely –– between the Utah
border + Meeker –– real
interesting boom-oil town.
Yall OK?? Love Mom