Come with Me by JC Reilly

Come with Me


to the bower   and sit in the dark

green swing      we can   read each other’s

(not palms but)   recipes   bus time tables

repair manuals     we can sing

about balaclavas   and top   hats

we can tell      tall tales


once I found   a mouse

living in    my dresser   the drawer  was  tricked out

like a flat    there was a little bed    there was

a book shelf   and a 50s retro     dinette

the mouse was reading   the Wall Street   Journal

mice are dirty     capitalists  like that


but I can see    you don’t believe   me

the mouse    did not believe me  either

when I asked it to      move out

the sudden air stirs     the leaves

you pump the swing     begin whispering

about a bowl of stolen    cherries      and 46  dimes

JC Reilly is the author of the narrative poetry collection What Magick May Not Alter and the forthcoming chapbook Amo e Canto, which won the 2020 Sow’s Ear Poetry Prize. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in many journals, including Black Fox Literary Magazine, Hole in the Head Review, Antigonish Review, and PoetrySouth. Follow her @aishatonu.