“One Art” by GTimothy Gordon

… something beyond themselves, beyond words.



There’s a scent that can’t be defined

like breathless painting, music, dance

unplowed yet into sentient fields,   

graphic grey-mists hovering water,  

that won’t be read or turned to tongue

but be lived in its own skin as attar 

from nard or musk, commingled 

jungle flora, balm from incense forests 

or fetid, pressed-against-the-pavement 

hog-nosed weasels littering freeway ditches, 

splatters and drips reeking formidable life 

without intrusive name, logic, their rank

ineffable, what we can’t arrest as our own

smart and sensible and very own keepsake.


GTimothy Gordon: Dream Wind was published December 2019 (Spirit-of-the-Ram Press). Work appears in Agni, American Literary Review, Cincinnati Review, Kansas Quarterly, Louisville Review, Mississippi Review, New York Quarterly, Phoebe, Rhino, Sonora Review, and Texas Observer, among others. Everything Speaking Chinese received the Riverstone Press Poetry Prize.


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