Visual Arts Gallery Summer 2021

Visual Arts Gallery

Canopy by Eric Suchy

Erik Suchy is a digital artist from North St. Paul, Minnesota, currently attending Metro State University, where he hopes to earn his B.A. in Creative Writing. His work has previously been featured in Sink Hollow and Penumbra.

Untitled Portrait 8 by David Dodd Lee

David Dodd Lee’s artwork was featured in the latest issue of The Journal, along with an interview. It has also appeared or is forthcoming, in The Hunger, Twyckenham Notes, TupeloQuarterly, Pinball, Permafrost, Off the Coast, The Indianapolis Review, PackingtownReview, House Mountain Review, 3 Moon Magazine, and Watershed Review. An essay and art work is forthcoming in Rose Metal Press’s A Field Guide to Graphic Literature (out 2022). A book including his collages and writing, UnluckyAnimals, is forthcoming (also in 2021 (thanks in part to the pandemic)). His work has also been featured, most recently, in three one-person exhibitions at Muskegon Community College’s Overbrook Gallery, in the Backspace Gallery at Northern Illinois University, and in the gallery space at Langlab, an artcenter, in South Bend, Indiana. His illustrations for essays and fiction often appear online at The Rumpus. You can see more of his artwork at Instagram (@davidlee2588).

Bellvue Botanical Garden by Cindy Phan

Cindy Phan is an ice skater, inline skater, and outdoor adventurer. She prides herself in being that one friend you’ll never get bored around, as she’s full of ideas, and always tries to get people out of their comfort zone. Photography, horror, heavy metal, wine, and animals are a few of Cindy’s interests, which are ever-expanding because she literally aspires to do everything. Cindy’s only fears in life are losing the people she loves and leaving this world without satisfying all her curiosities.

Punkmetal Abstract by Abraham Darlington

A newcomer to the world of abstract art, Abraham Darlington is an artist whose style is characterized by bold colors, extensive motion, and high energy. Born in Philadelphia, Abraham decided to pursue his interest in art after incurring a shoulder injury a few years ago. His works are created spontaneously and quickly, often within a single sitting. He works with many different types of mediums including acrylic paints, oil and chalk pastels, colored pencils, and digital painting. Abraham’s more than 400 paintings can be found on his website

The Greatest Traditions by Tara Thiel

North Dakota-based photographer Tara Thiel describes her work as recontextualized nonfiction. She is a US Navy veteran, a Southern transplant to the Midwest, and a Visual Artist pursuing an ALM in Creative Writing & Literature. Her work has been published in anthologies and periodicals including Twyckenham Notes, Variant Literature, Inkwell Journal, and others.