“Home” by Samantha Malay

when we no longer live in our bodies
do we inhabit the spaces between
voices cupped in bedspread folds
hands around a match
winter kitchen cookbook stains
unmarked keys
missing teeth
tufts of feather and bone?

see me in the lath and plaster
clothesline tied to cherry trees
empty spools
diaper pins
carpenter ants and gutter vines


Samantha Malay was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in rural northeastern Washington State. She is a graduate of Seattle University’s sociology program, a theatrical wardrobe technician by trade, and a mixed-media artist. Her poems have been published in The RavensPerch, Sheila-Na-Gig, Burningword, Sky Island, The Sea Letter, Alexandria Quarterly, Quiddity, Projector Magazine, Blood Tree Literature, Heirlock, Genre: Urban Arts, and Wild Roof Journal, and will soon appear in Soliloquies Anthology and The Very Edge Poetry Collection by Flying Ketchup Press. Her published poetry can be found at https://thistleandhasp.wordpress.com.


“Waiting for Her” by Fabrice Poussin